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Andrea L. Wilson

Andrea L. Wilson

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Andrea Wilson, is a bottom-line oriented business executive and hands-on implementer who has been instrumental in achieving significant cultural transformations for Fortune 500 companies, in the areas of employee engagement, continuous improvement and customer centricity – resulting in sustainable business results. Her experience includes quality and environmental management systems, employee development and training, community partnerships, best practice standardization and Lean Six Sigma.

Achieve educates and partners with organizations, teams and individuals to create a culture of getting the most important things done. We provide our clients with the tools and support needed to succeed, by identifying and eliminating non-value added activities, with a strong focus on accountability. Focused areas are visioning, process excellence and sustainability.

What we do :


  • Drive bottom line results in 3Ps: people; planet; profit
  • Manage ISO 9001/14001/50001 implementation leading to successful external certification
  • Encourage community partnership, volunteerism and employee engagement

Process Excellence

  • Equip employees with problem solving tools to identify and resolve issues quickly
  • Customize systemic problem solving tools to be used at all levels of the business
  • Design and implement Continuous Improvement Programs with world class results

Visioning – it starts with YOUR vision

  • Create shared vision and objective alignment
  • Identify and analyze gaps between current and desired states
  • Strategic planning with effective execution 

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