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Doug Bowker, Principle, GYC Group ( www.gycgroup.net )

  • Doug has focused for more than two decades on revenue growth and new customer acquisition through creative product / solution development, Marketing program development and execution, integrated web platform deployment, Marketing and customer-facing process automation, customer service operations startup, print procurement and management, and building enduring customer relationships.
  • Fluently bilingual (English / French), Doug has held corporate VP Marketing and VP Business Development positions with leading national marketing, web and print services providers, as well as operating his own small marketing and web services firm for nearly a decade. The common denominator throughout has been delivering solutions that focus directly on customers' business requirements, priorities and objectives.

GYC Group :

Activity Focus: Marketing & Customer-Facing Processes

Our customers, markets and competition don't stand still; neither can we. The challenge: understand our customers' issues, objectives and priorities, ensure consistent best practices in marketing, communications and customer-facing operations, and implement the most effective tools and resources for each situation.

  • Grow your business, acquire new customers and improve your customer-facing processes ... and do it without any increase in internal resources or budget!

  • Sound familiar? Unfortunately it is a reality for too many smaller organizations in today's markets where budgets are tight, competition has intensified and our internal resources struggle to keep pace.

  • So … how do you meet these challenges without adding incremental internal salaries or investing in in-house technology that requires technical support and maintenance? This is where specialized resource partners like GYC Group can help - the expertise, resources and technology that you need without the ongoing salary and technology support commitments. Not just informing or creating strategies and plans, but understanding your most pressing business challenges and priorities and actually implementing relevant state-of-the-art tools and revenue-building programs that deliver measurable results for you.

  • GYC Group's web solutions and program services are typically based on a small-business oriented business platform - a hosted cloud-based and fully integrated suite of marketing and customer-facing process automation tools. Consider the potential business benefits of such a unique marketing and process automation solution:
  • Self-service: we train you how to maintain your own content with no special technical skills, including web page and content creation and maintenance

  • Fully integrated: no individual components to cobble together and maintain on your own

  • Software-as-a-Service: browser-based, no in-house software to support or update

  • Automated processes: fully automated marketing, strategic contact management and ongoing customer support

  • Contact Management Flexibility: virtually unlimited configuration possibilities for contact profiling, segmentation and highly relevant and targeted stakeholder communications

  • Market-appropriate: Multi-channel email, pURL (personalized URL, or campaign web page), social media and print-based programs, to accommodate the preferences and requirements of any market

Website Link: www.gycgroup.net

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