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Gary Murray develops professional presentations that are focused, clear, and persuasive. This gives his clients an effective tool when communication of value is critically important in presentations designed to secure investment, new business, licensees, or marketing partners. His understanding of the importance of clearly and concisely conveying the information that an audience needs comes from many years with equity-based companies in the health care field who depended on effective presentations to raise capital for survival.

Dr. Murray’s consulting practice, Arexan Technologies, was established in 1995. He provides a full service in the creation or upgrading of corporate presentations: message architecture to suit the target audience; concise text with careful layout; quality photographs of facilities, people and products; charts, graphs, and illustrations that increase the speed and depth of audience comprehension; cartoons (where, when, and if they make sense); full script for each slide (if desired); and upgrading of the skills of employees in the effective use of PowerPoint for communication.

Arexan Technologies
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The Problem

“To millions of execs, it’s a helper, a security blanket, a teleprompter. But if PowerPoint is so great, why do so many presentations stink?”
– Andrew Wahl, Canadian Business, Nov 24/03

It is tragic that good organizations frequently waste business development opportunities because of sub-standard presentation materials. There are many reasons why companies do a poor job in the preparation and delivery of PowerPoint presentations:

  • Senior executives are too preoccupied with burning issues to devote the time necessary for the preparation of quality presentations for a targeted audience.
  • An internal communications group, if present, is almost always highly skilled in communication technology but very seldom in communication.
  • Corporate insiders can never apply the level of objectivity that an outsider can. They are too close to the service, product, technology, etc. to view it in the same way as the audience.
  • Many senior executives who give presentations are superior individuals with excellent stage presence. Unfortunately, this strength is too often a weakness because the presentation materials are not created to complement their skills.

Why Invest in Presentation Upgrades?

“Superior communications lead to such increased profitability that it’s impossible to put a dollar value on them.”
– Lyman MacInnes, Toronto Star, Feb 5/05

Since the average quality of corporate presentations is really quite low, a high quality presentation can really stand out and give a competitive edge.

Even if a top level presentation could be developed in house, should senior level staff spend hours in detail work – illustrations, tables, charts, graphs, text layout – when a professional could do it better and faster?

Other Services

  • Layout and design for corporate brochures, web sites, etc.
  • Ghost writing or editing of all types of materials.
  • Editing or preparation of corporate newsletters.

Professional and Academic Background

Gary Murray is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of product and technology development, ranging from patents to manufacturing processes. His extensive background bridges a wide variety of disciplines and technologies, including transdermal drug delivery, wound management, dental composite materials, and photodegradable polymers. He is the inventor or co-inventor on 8 issued US patents. Dr. Murray has considerable experience as a technology spokesperson for equity-based start-up companies seeking investment in major North American financial centres. This included a “road show” for pre-IPO financing.

From 1993 to 1995 he was VP, Engineering Development, Pharma Patch Plc (NASDAQ), and from 1986 to 1993 he was Director of Research for Medipro Sciences Limited. Since founding Arexan Technologies in 1995, his activities have included creation of professional corporate presentation materials, technical writing and editing, contribution of articles for a leading business-to-business web site, and surveys for government and private organizations. For a period of 10 years, Arexan Technologies provided quarterly reports on trends in the North American pharmaceutical industry for a mid-size Japanese pharmaceutical company.

Gary Murray has a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of Toronto.

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