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Jerry Amernic

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Jerry Amernic is a journalist, author, and corporate public relations consultant. In addition to handling writing and communications needs for his clients, he designs and executes strategic, media relations programs that garner ongoing media coverage for the organizations he serves. His clients regularly appear on TV and radio, in daily newspapers, and in key trade publications specific to their industry sectors. They include major corporations, professional practice firms such as law firms, small business, and entrepreneurs. Jerry is a noted speaker who talks on various subjects involving communications, the media, and PR. He also conducts Media Training sessions for business executives.

Jerry has written several books. They include fiction, non-fiction, and business books. He worked closely with Julian Fantino on Mr. Fantino’s best-selling memoir DUTY — The Life of a Cop, and his most recent novel is The Last Witness which is about the last living survivor of the Holocaust. Over the years Jerry has been a columnist and correspondent for the likes of the Toronto Star, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, and Sunday Sun. He has also written for a great many magazines in both Canada and the United States.

Here are two of his articles:

Here is the video regarding his novel “The Last Witness”: https://youtu.be/CRC_T07dwZo

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