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Mitchell Polakow

An innovative insurance and financial solutions provider. Mitchell’s priorities are to do what benefits his clients the greatest by offering the best products and solutions in the marketplace. These solutions include providing proven financial strategies to create, build, protect and transfer wealth.

Minimizing taxes while keeping risk in line takes more than basic investment structuring. It requires extensive experience, in-depth planning and access to a vast array of products that can be customized to meet each client’s needs. This is precisely what Mitchell brings to the table.

Mitchell has helped business owners and incorporated professionals in virtually every industry get money out of their companies while reducing their taxes and earning a measurable return on their investments. His hands-on approach and creativity allow him to help clients meet both their short-term financial goals and long-term estate planning objectives. More critically, his personal interest in his client’s success ensures he regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to identify innovative strategies designed to meet his client’s evolving needs.


General Field – Insuring Wealth | Activity Focus – Protecting your biggest Asset
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Articles – 2015 Newsletter – Topics review in this issue:

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