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Murray Johnston
Murray Johnston acts as Chief Financial Officer on special projects or on an interim basis.

Businesses do not grow by chance; growth needs resources. Plan for and add new markets, innovative technology, products or services with the drive of people and fuel of finance.

After twenty years in senior finance and management Murray brings expertise focused on driving growth whether in national or international companies. He brings knowledge of best practices in various disciplines including M&A and financing. Industry knowledge includes organizations in marketing and branded consumer goods, manufacturing, and services.

Services provided by MG Johnston Strategic Finance Ltd. include:

  • Interim CFO – Performs the duties of CFO on a short-term basis pending a full-time recruitment; on a part-time basis for smaller companies or to train an incumbent. Brings specialization at corporate level whether the company is private or public, a multi-location national or a multinational. Skills include the supervision of accounting, reporting, treasury and tax.
  • Strategic Planning – Recognizes the importance of managing growth expectations by the setting and alignment of expectations. Specializes in implementing integrated processes by corporate in multi-location enterprises for annual plans, forecasting and long term strategic plans. The process facilitates review by executive management and presentation of consolidated plans at board meetings.
  • M&A – Provide guidance through acquisition or divestment processes. Set acquisition criteria consistent with desired growth as related to new markets, new products/services, and required return on investment. Many acquisition targets may be sourced, some fully evaluated and a few might be purchased. Assistance provided in search, assessment against criteria, due diligence, negotiation of LOIs and contracts to close. Last but not least, set and execute plans for integration if a strategic acquisition or for governance if a financial purchase.
  • Financing – Whether the requirement is short-term for working capital, or long-term for property, plant & equipment or acquisitions, sufficient cash is a necessary resource to underpin growth. Build and communicate proposals for sourcing funds to appropriate institutions and negotiate documentation for loans granted. Standards are set for managing towards positive relationships with lenders to mutual benefit.
  • Governance – An important component of corporate life is a positive relationship between the company’s executives and its board of directors, owners and investors. Assistance provided in the preparation of materials for and the conduct of board or investor meetings, and the consequent minutes. Meetings may be related to the ongoing supervision of management or special purpose, e.g. consideration and potential approval of major transactions.
  • Contracts & Documentation – New entities can be established in local or foreign jurisdictions through the completion of often extensive and legalized documentation, where possible optimizing tax and treasury objectives. Negotiate commercial components of contracts, e.g. lender contracts, M&A agreements, and other contracts needed for normal company operations.

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