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The Human Well Inc provides practical assistance to leadership teams on all matters related to the management of their people resources during times of change

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A significant transaction, growth plan or change in direction is envisaged and the CEO or Board wants to achieve the goals promised and mitigate the risk of failure involved with the organization’s people We help analyze cascading organizational impacts on culture and engagement, talent gaps and flight risk. Develop communication and transition plans including retention and performance programs
Employee pay is competitive with the market but we are not retaining staff or motivating high performance. We are slipping behind competitors in output and productivity We work with the leadership team to determine the cause of poor engagement and where appropriate needed revisions to employee terms, communication and talent management including recruitment
Our employee surveys tell us we have high levels of engagement but productivity is slipping Structuring the right performance and reward plan is crucial in the millennial era. The bonus and incentive plans that worked for baby boomers will not have the same appeal to their successors. Fair felt pay and team motivation are critical
As a CEO there is no one that I can have a truly objective conversation with – everyone who comes into my office has an agenda. I need someone experienced and objective that I can kick around my problems with be they operational or leadership We don’t coach; we deliver advice on leadership and people issues in real time. Feels like coaching buts it’s not about theory it’s about the real problems that you are facing today. No notes other than yours, highly confidential and totally objective
Our Board needs structure around people and pay; we need to manage meetings effectively, prepare informed pre-reading that helps formulate the decisions required, capture precedents and the policies we create, and facilitates these into action with our leadership team We work with public, private and NFP boards on governance and decision making process to ensure companies make the most of their busy directors’ time and that advice cascades into effective operational or compliance activity be it executive pay, succession planning or M&D due diligence
We need to cut costs but we don’t want to lay our people off. We want to look at efficiencies in how we manage our people and meet our obligations to them Simply reducing headcount means doing less of what you do and ultimately lowering quality. We look for savings in how you do things without negatively impacting engagement: scale purchasing of say benefits, replacing people management systems and implementing training and development to reduce turnover etc
We want to expand internationally, set up country operations, buy a foreign subsidiary but we are not sure where the challenges will arise in recruitment, local labor law, engagement and pay We can assist in all international HR matters from sending a first employee thru to buying a business and integrating an established overseas operation into the home office culture and management systems

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