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For organizations who are striving to improve operational and bottom line performance, EnPower Group is a high performance consulting firm that uses proven processes and methods to help our clients achieve and maintain results. Unlike multinational consulting firms, EnPower Group develops personal, on going relationships and provides flexibility, innovation, creativity in our approaches that lead to proven unprecedented value.

EnPower Group
201 Sylvan Ave., Toronto, ON M1E 1A4
Telephone: 416.804.5078 Fax: 416.264.2933

Consulting Services:

Strategic Planning
Any organization that wishes to exceed customer expectations and stay competitive needs a long-range strategic plan. Using the “Hoshin” proven planning methodology we help clients develop a plan that is forward-looking, visionary and achievable, while at the same time striving toward continuous improvement of the organization’s key business processes;

Lean Enterprise Assessment and Implementation
For organizations considering the Lean Enterprise Implementation we have developed a method of assessing your Lean readiness. We then work with clients to develop their Lean Implementation Project and often are asked to either facilitate/monitor or manage their Lean Project.

Information Systems (IS) Assessment
Used to assess the current Systems & Technologies its applicability and usefulness to the organization and how personnel can use it more effectively; IPMP – Inventory Performance Management Process – We have developed this very effective process that can assess your inventory, both current and planned, and identify areas where action steps can be taken to improve Inventory Performance such as turns, facility layout, accuracy and costs.

KCM ™ Knowledge Chain Audit
Effective in the assessment of the organization’s Knowledge Chain Management ™ processes including recommendations on how to improve the KCM ™ process with its respective positive bottom line impact;

Mergers & Acquisitions, Funding & Raising of Capital

We assist our clients in selling, acquiring or investing in, opportunities predominantly in but not exclusive to, the following industries:
High Technology;
Professional Services industries.

Our services include assessment and evaluation of the opportunity, preparing appropriate documentation, identifying and contacting potential investors/acquirers, facilitating the required meetings and assisting in negotiation of the transaction.

We also take positions on the sit of Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors.

Seminars, Workshops & Keynote Presentations

Cover a wide range of current relevant topics for companies, associations and organizations today. Many companies find that our seminars can help them prepare for the changes that they will be undertaking. Some Professional Services organizations offer our presentations as a service to their clients.

Many associations and organizations find that our presentations offer additional value to their membership.

Presentations range from:

  • 60 – 90 minutes that can be incorporated in a Breakfast or Luncheon meetings;
  • 1/2 to full day workshops;
  • Full keynote presentation.

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