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Strategic Sourcing Solutions is an inspirational organization that connects the dots between purchase and profit by strengthening business foundations employing four key pillars:

- Cost Reduction

- Strategy

- People

- Processes

We have a passion for exposing unrestrained spending and annihilating waste that results in mediocre margins and protracted profits. We uncover opportunities to reduce your costs and put money directly to your bottom line.

Additionally, we assist you in developing strategies employing creative strategy mapping sessions that build organizational objectives and align department activities. We help build a strategic roadmap to follow through all levels in your organization.

We believe talented and devoted employees are one of your competitive advantages and investment should be made in their career planning, development action plans and ongoing performance feedback.  We can facilitate your efforts in building a focussed, high performing and committed team.

Organizational and individual processes can grow and expand to include non-value added activities. Workloads and bureaucracy can increase and profits will deteriorate.  By performing process mapping activities, we will create visual representations of your essential processes identifying bottlenecks and waste that divert resources and waste money.

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