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Tim Pervin

Tim Pervin

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Managing Partner, The Pervin Group Inc. Consulted in strategy development, marketing, business planning/operations – services, mining/manufacturing, technology, consumer products.

We’re in the Relationship Business

We strive to know your business intimately enough to really champion your brand and the intellectual capital you have created.

We realize this kind of relationship doesn’t just happen; it has to be built up over time. By letting us be part of your planning process it enables us to look farther down the road for those right-fit people or new opportunities that will grow the bottom line.

We differ from our competition by:

  • Having operated companies with similar issues that you are facing, Tim Pervin takes a practical approach beyond consulting theories.
  • Managing the relationship exceptionally well and managing your brand through the engagement process as we are acting on your behalf.
  • Being candid with our clients about the realities of the marketplace and the resources needed to solve problems and create opportunities.
  • Developing research, tracking methods and diagnostics based on client requirements, not boilerplate solutions.
  • Delivering actionable advice and information that will lead to a ‘right-fit’ resolution.
  • Embracing a strong retention strategy, ensuring that early problems in a relationship don’t turn into major issues

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