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Aviva Abraham is an independent advisor specializing in providing group benefits and insurance solutions to self-employed and small business owners. The cost of healthcare today is the biggest disrupter to our finances; if a serious health issue arises, do you have the resources you need to deal with it? 

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Your small business is growing and you are looking to hire an experienced professional who wants you to match his current health plan, but you don’t currently have a group benefit plan. When you are looking to grow and attract the best employees, setting up a strategic group benefit plan not only keeps you competitive in your industry, but also ensures that your employees are well taken care of, so they can do the job you need them to do.
Your company relies heavily on one person for more than 50% of its revenues; you worry what will happen if this person gets sick or worse… Setting up key person life insurance and disability can provide your business with a cash infusion in case the unexpected happens.
You left your corporate job to start your business, and had to give up key benefits such as your health plan and disability insurance. I offer customized and affordable options that provide you and your family with important healthcare solutions, beyond the traditional group benefit plans.
Your assets and much of your cash is tied up in your business, you worry what will happen to you and your family should a serious health issue arise. Setting up the right insurance plan will protect you and your family from rising healthcare costs.
You have assets and cash trapped within your corporation, taking it out means paying a hefty tax bill. Is there any way to extract the cash from your business and minimize taxes? I can show you strategies for growing your money within your corporation tax sheltered, ways to minimize tax, and how to access corporate cash should you need that money for retirement.

There ARE affordable healthcare solutions available and yes, even group benefits for one! Learn how to get 100% of your medical costs paid for with pre-tax business dollars. Find out how to get the healthcare coverage you need, AND how to get access to important medical resources when a health issue arises.

Aviva implements and actively manages her clients’ group plans, healthcare and insurance solutions on a continual basis. Her goal is to protect her clients’ families, their assets and their businesses from unexpected life events, in the most tax efficient way possible.

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