Code of Ethics

Members of The Experion Group agree to adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

Integrity And Confidentiality

Keep information on a strictly confidential basis and divulge only with client’s permission. Never divulge the list of members’ e-mails and other coordinates without members’ approval and/or for personal gain.

Impartiality And Sound Counsel

Provide sound counsel and unbiased opinion. Always say the truth.

Quality And Speed Of Service

Strive for high quality, thorough research and accurate work while maintaining prompt delivery.


Quote a price that provides for a fair profit but insures client receives honest value for his/her investment.

Referral Fees

Honor agreements made between members and consider The Experion Group referral fees guidelines.


Always maintain the highest ethical standards in all dealings. Accept assignments only when confident of solid contribution. Keep promises made whatever the inconvenience.


Offer impeccable service.