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Mastermind Solutions Inc. is a flexible, dynamic Toronto business consulting firm, specializing in strategic planning, marketing, financial and organizational design that delivers top line revenue growth, higher profits, satisfied customers, motivated staff and lower operating costs. Our goal is to deliver a business growth strategy for our clients in order to maximize their bottom line. Our services are comprehensive and fully customizable to your needs.

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The role of a Controller or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for medium sized companies is often needed to assist management to achieve their goals and manage the existing accounting/finance function. We assist clients where there is a need to fulfill the role of the head of the accounting/finance function, as Chief Financial Officer, on a part-time basis.
Many businesses have a person heading up the accounting function who has limited expertise in managing an accounting and finance function, or needs guidance, or help in fulfilling the needs of the business, particularly for business growth. We provide the support that a business needs to upgrade the quality of the existing accounting/finance function and its leader to meet your business growth strategy by coaching that accounting dept. head.
Financial management, cash flow, strategic budgeting, accounting procedures, due diligence reviews on an acquisition, etc. When your staff does not have the expertise or the resources to complete a project, call on Mastermind Solutions to do the complete project for you
Business & Strategic planning: Are you on track to achieve performance goals? Do you have adequate financial resources to see you to success? Do you have the right people in the right role with clear, well defined accountabilities and authority? We are focused on growth strategy and implementation. We enable clients to dream their wildest dreams. To Imagine their greatest success. To deliver on their ultimate vision. If you can Imagine your desired future, we can help you make it a reality.
As one of the leading marketing companies in Toronto, we know a thing or two about marketing strategy, planning and implementation. Marketing is all about positioning and differentiation which leads you to becoming noticed. As a full service marketing firm, strategy, planning, design and the internet are our tools of the trade. We help to position your company in a way that makes you unique and desirable; then we create the right mix of tools and tactics that will help you to generate real business and positive returns.

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