what we do

The Experion Group

The Experion Group is a consortium of senior specialists who provide a broad range of advisory, management, financial, communications, and business development services to clients. Each member is an expert in his/her field.

Our members’ clients range from small and mid-size companies to leading corporations in a wide variety of business sectors.

Members of The Experion Group are high calibre specialists with many years of experience in their respective fields. Several have written authoritative books in their area of expertise. Many members have held senior corporate positions – CEO, CFO, VP – and many have had successful careers with substantial Canadian and global organizations.

How We Help Clients

The Experion Group is not involved in any way in the contracts of members with their clients. Members make their own agreements with clients about deliverables, compensation and working arrangements. In practice, there is a wide variety of mutually acceptable conditions in these contracts. In the case of complex projects requiring different specialties, a member may form a team with other members and/or outside professionals to serve the needs of the client.

Experience & Expertise Offered by Experion Members.

Interim Senior Management – CEO, CFO, COO.

Crisis management; transition management; project management.

Human Resources.

Best practices in employee relations. Advanced recruiting services for critical employees.

Strategic Planning.

Repositioning & revitalizing companies that are in distress or have stagnated. Creative financing. International commerce. Preparation of companies and owners for sale or succession. Coaching of top management in strategic planning.


Advanced and creative approaches to maximize Canada’s generous SR&ED tax credits.

Disaster Recovery.

Program analysis and development for the whole business, not just IT.

Corporate Finance.

Coaching for Controllers/CFOs. Due diligence reviews. Acquisition of financing.


Technical and management organization and design; lean enterprise assessment; organizational effectiveness; maximizing internal knowledge transfer; information systems assessment; inventory management; identification and eradication of inefficiencies.

Corporate and Personal Training.

Time management; customer centricity; program roll-out; performance improvement in top achievers.


Reduction of purchase costs for direct and indirect expenditures.


The brand viewed, developed and protected as a company’s corporate reputation and major asset.

Financial Planning.

Combination of wealth accumulation with risk management and eventual distribution. Succession planning.


Creation of professional presentations for clients who want an edge when seeking new business, partners, or financing.

IT Support.

For companies whose internal IT team is too busy or lacks the expertise required for project execution.

Web Site Optimization.

Maximizing search engine results, visitor traffic, visual appeal, and e-commerce function. Coordinated front end/back end solutions that really work.